Nik Andrews

Hello and welcome to my page all about the life and times of my local city Wolverhampton. I was born in this city and have lived in it most of my life, at the time of writing this I am 54, I will be 55 on 27th September 2019 so if time has passed then you can work out how old I am at the time of your reading this.

Currently I live in Oxley which is a suburb of the metropolitan borough of Wolverhampton in the West Midland United Kingdom.

I am a family man with two sons Samuel and Jamie and I am married to Helen. I work as a mobile wedding DJ and a freelance photographer in and around the Wolverhampton area. 

I have a keen interest in documentary photography and that is what lead me to create this site. Over the coming months and years I will populate it with my images of every day life and happenings in and around this great city. I want to capture the essence of what being a Wulfrunian is. The people, the place, it’s characters and events. 

If you have spoken to me on the street and I have taken your picture this site is where you will find it. Please enjoy the site and if you are here congratulations you have become a part of my Wolverhampton history project.